About Bucklands Insurance

Founded in 1960, we have developed to specialise in commercial and corporate insurance and all aspects of financial advice. Now as Buckland Insurance we have the combined expertise of two winning teams and can offer a unique combination of service, expertise and products in the USA and UK. Quality of service is our benchmark: we take this to mean innovative thinking, independent advice, aggressive pricing, reliability and integrity.

What we offer:

  • Advice on the complete range of insurance and financial products
  • Risk management
  • Claims handling
  • Prompt service
  • Quality assurance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cash flow assistance
  • Attention to detail
  • 24 hour emergency line

Our belief at Buckland Harvester is that we can provide individuals and businesses with added value services by the provision of professional, co-ordinated and well thought out financial planning. Our philosophy is always to make ourselves available and provide a long term, accountable and value for money service.

We help our clients to achieve their stated goals in support of their chosen lifestyle. By engaging our services you are assured of access to the Buckland Harvester team. We are proud to have been retained by clients and their families and business associates over decades and look forward to being able to develop long term financial plans with you.

The Buckland Harvester Financial Planning Service

Access to your adviser
By telephone/email- unlimited.

Annual review service
Fund valuations.
Our financial review service.

Portfolio design and analysis
Risk profiling.
Asset allocation system.

Professional link-up
Co-ordinated approach with your accountant, solicitor or other professional advisers Providing tax year end information as needed. Recommending appropriate professionals as needed.

Swift response
Phone calls and emails returned same working day.

Making it easy
Removing the jargon and complexity of financial affairs.

Pension planning
Regular advice and reviews. Shortfall analysis.
Transfer/consolidation guidance from our professionally qualified specialists.

Self invested pensions
Specialist services for business owners. Using business premises as pension assets.

Inheritance tax and estate planning
Tax efficient handing of assets down the generations.

Long term care planning service
Effective use of assets to ensure comfort and dignity in later years.

Protection analysis
For individuals and companies:life and health protection.
Review service and shortfall analysis.

Insurance broking
Free access to our sister company Buckland Harvester Insurance Brokers for commercial and personal line covers.

Roadside Assistance
These services are especially useful for individuals who are everyday on the road for business or personal reasons or are planning a long vacation. Accident coverages, breakdown coverage, Dui / DWI / SR22 bond assistance, lawyer help.

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