With employment uncertainty prevalent and many employers having little choice other than to make employees redundant sound financial guidance is an area where we have considerable expertise.
Over the past twenty years our clients have been able to face the future with confidence having taken our advice.

BUDGET – four main issues
Capital gains tax now 28% for high earners
Main rate of VAT to rise to 20% from 04/01/11
Small companies corporation tax rate cut to 20%
State pension age to rise to 66

Major concerns regarding funding, performance and regulation are areas where we assist clients. Guidance on complex pensions issues can be discussed with Andy Burnett or Howard Jones who both have vast experience in advising employers and members of schemes.

Wondering what to do next?
Does your portfolio match your own risk profile?
Concerned that management charges outweigh returns?
For impartial advice contact us for an overview.

Feb 2010

New ISA limits currently apply for those over the age of 50 but things will change for all in April.

We are currently advising clients who have existing ISA portfolios with particular emphasis on suitability of investments based on their current attitude to risk. Best buy options are being considered to ensure allowances for this tax year and next are fully utilised based on the new rules. For further information please contact us.

April 2010 sees the introduction of the 50% income tax rate for high earners. This increased rate , together with the reduction in the personal allowance and the tightening of rules regarding pension contributions will increase tax costs for many.

There is still time to review your financial affairs and consider what steps can be taken to mitigate these tax increases. For expert guidance contact us for further details.

OPEN MARKET OPTION – What does it mean ?
If you’re approaching retirement and unclear about options available from your pension fund provider(s) then don’t fall into the trap of settling for second best ! So many people retiring in the UK purchase an annuity without properly assessing what the marketplace has to offer. We find that with guidance and appropriate advice our clients can enjoy increased retirement income by merely exercising their right to consider an open market option. In certain cases annuity income can increase by 25%.
The open market option has been around since 1978 so one would reasonably expect that those retiring would be aware of the benefits available. Whilst pension providers inform retirees of this important fact it is so often the case that the detail is overlooked and through a combination of misunderstanding and lack of guidance enhanced benefits can be lost. So, if retirement is on the horizon seek our advice to ensure you make the right decisions.

Nov 2009

What is the RDR ?
The FSA have made recommendations that mean the UK financial services sector will have to “ up its game”. At Buckland Harvester we welcome the proposals which centre upon treating customers fairly , clearer advice given by better qualified advisers and transparency relating to the cost of financial transactions. For further details please contact us.

Pension tax free cash – act now!
New legislation takes effect from 6th April 2010 so that the minimum age at which pension scheme members will be able to access their pension benefits will be increased from 50 to 55. To guide you through the rules please contact us to check whether the legislation affects you.

To consolidate or not?
Simplification of your financial affairs can be achieved with the use of specific portfolio planning software. The market is both complex and offerings differ considerably. For an impartial view contact us for independent advice.

June 2009

What now for savers?
With deposit rates at all time lows and prevailing stockmarket volatility it is a challenging time for savers and investors. At Buckland Harvester we have solutions to help you make the right decisions.

IFAs score highly
IFAs are the most trusted individuals working in financial services today, according to a poll produced by Nottingham University Business School. The ratings for advisers who were independent were higher than for brokers who were tied. Banks, life insurance companies and credit card companies received the lowest ratings. ( Source : Financial Adviser magazine 21.05.09).

Underestimating worth!
Some 20% of men believe the financial worth of a mother is around £5,000 ! In fact, the monetary value of the “ domestic role” – usually a home based female, is around £32,000 according to recent research conducted by Legal and General. For guidance on a range of suitable insurance plans please contact us.


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