Our team has years of experience in helping people make the most out of their retirement capital in order to support chosen lifestyles. With increasing life expectancy combined with a desire to seek early retirement, many people may have several decades in their post-retirement life. With advances in medical science it may not be beyond the realms of possibility that this period could exceed one’s working lifetime.


Current common parlance describes the building of retirement funds as the accumulation phase, whilst drawing of income and direction of remaining funds on death are referred to as decumulation.

All of this needs careful planning and we are on hand to assist in structuring clients’ funds as required according to specific circumstances which can vary widely from person to person.

We work closely with accountants in ensuring that tax opportunities are maximised and with solicitors in ensuring that remaining pension funds on death are directed to appropriate beneficiaries as part of their overall estate planning.

We have invested in technology which allows us to identify any shortfall between clients’ current funding and the level required to meet their future aspirations.

We also have advisers who hold the additional, specialised qualifications required by the regulator in order to advise on transferring of pension schemes.

We use risk profiling technology designed to ensure that your approach to retirement funding reflects your changing needs as the years pass. It is vitally important that such arrangements are reviewed on a regular basis to take account of alterations in personal requirements such as risk profile and level of income and also external factors such as inflation, interest rate movements, stockmarket trends etc.

We are highly skilled in self invested pension planning, often used as a tax efficient vehicle for business owners to incorporate commercial property within their pension planning arrangements.


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